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Issue:Pacific Economic Bulletin - Volume 11, Number 1, 1996

Author:Biman C. Prasad and Clem Tisdell

Title:Getting property rights 'right': land tenure in Fiji

Abstract:Since the mid-1980s Fiji has moved away from an inward-looking strategy for economic growth and development, pursuing structural adjustment policies to improve competitiveness and export performance. Despite these attempts the overall performance of the economy has been far from sluggish. The slow pace of economic reforms has been blamed for the economy's poor performance. However, often left out of the equation is the issue of property rights. The insecurity of land tenure in all sectors has impaired investment and new entrepreneurship. The impending expiry of leases in the sugar industry and the way this is resolved will determine the future of the industry. The role of the Native Land Trust Board and the government in successfully resolving the leases under the Agricultural and Landlords Tenant Act is critical. Security of tenure for tourism, industrial and residential development also needs to be considered. Long-term leases and proper contractual enforcement can create an overall climate conducive for investment and entrepreneurship in all sectors of the Fijian economy.

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